End of the Year Wrap-Up

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So… I know Christmas and New Years was a good month ago, but better late than never, I say! I had one heckuva set of Happy Holidays, and have been on the road since mid December. My nomadic tendencies aside, I’ve been working on quite a few projects that unfortunately I can’t show yet. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything though!


Now that the holidays have passed I can show the fun corporate holiday card that I did for Kung Fu Monkey Productions here in Burbank, California. They’re a fun bunch, and really let me have fun and do whatever I wanted with the material!


Then I was off to Georgia for Christmas, and Oregon for New Years where I received this truly amazing Christmas Sweater from my friends. They hand sewed all those little appliqué animals on there! They also don’t really know how to sew. Blood was shed and friendships strained in the making of this sweater, but I love it and have been wearing it with glee.

That’s all for now!

January 27th, 2015


FoxDeploy Celebration Banner


Recently I completed another client job for the website FoxDeploy.com, a great blog about Powershell and other super high-tech programming things that I know absolutely nothing about. I know just enough coding to keep a website running, and that’s about it. The blog was celebrating its 100th post, and wanted a great banner image to go with it! And with a name like FoxDeploy, of course there were going to be foxes.


“Give me all the foxes” the client says to me cheerfully.


“Lots of foxes, in fox-shaped hot air balloons!”


“Can I add confetti?” I ask, always wanting to shoehorn rainbows and glitter into my work.


“Foxes! And Balloons! And Confetti! YES!”

So congratulations to my client (and friend!) Stephen Owen of FoxDeploy.com, and here’s to another 10,000 posts on your blog!

December 10th, 2014

Jaw Punchingly Awesome – Youtube, Twitch, and Blogs!

Character Design // Comics // Studio

ComboDropper's YouTube Banner!
ComboDropper’s YouTube Banner!

I’ve started doing artwork for a new crowd: the internet itself ! Creating content such as streaming video games, creating videos, and writing blogs has been fun a hobby and source of income for a lot of folks. Of course if you have a channel, blog, Twitter, or whathaveyou, you’ve GOT to have branding– and what better branding than a cartoon of yourself?

DateKnights' cartoonselves
DateKnight’s cartoonselves

These two gamer clients were ComboDropper from Youtube, and DateKnights of Twitch. ComboDropper posts videos almost every day, and DateKnights streams their gaming at least three times a week. Check them both out, because both of them are extremely entertaining and make good quality stuff. Plus I mean, Combo punches werewolves and the DateKnights have a “unicorn cam” and a cosplaying Abe Lincoln.

Diary of an Aspiring Loser Blogger Michelle Arteaga
Diary of an Aspiring Loser Blogger Michelle Arteaga

This blog is called Diary of An Aspiring Loser, and is about one woman’s fantastic weightloss journey. She’s been blogging since 2007, and has achieved some absolutely amazing goals.

If you’re a Youtuber, a blogger, or create any other sort of content for the internet and you’d like a cartoon of yourself or logo for branding, contact me! It’s a pretty fun process, I think!

November 19th, 2014

DesignerCon 2014!

Comics // Shows // Studio


I’ll be at DesignerCon 2014 this weekend at the Pasadena Convention Center! I’ll have my standard fare of prints, buttons, and comics at Booth #611. I’ll also have my very first Mini Comic available, and it’s none other than Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi! Check out the prototype below (this is not the finished product, so its appearance may differ from what I’ve got at the con). I hope to see you there!

2014-10-22 18.17.25

November 3rd, 2014

Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi – Mini Comic #01

Comics // Corgis // Products


I know I’m excited about Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi #2 being in production– are you? While you’re waiting, I decided to tide you over with these mini one-pager slice-of-life style comics featuring our favorite Corgi super hero! Here’s the first, and it’ll be available at DesignerCon next month!

October 22nd, 2014

Feelin’ the Nostalgia

Studio // Watercolor

"Basketball Giraffe"
“Basketball Giraffe”
"Soccer Pig"
“Soccer Pig”

The internet has an interesting “Throwback Thursday” trend, and I really felt like participating. The last few days have had me feeling nostalgia over my old favorite mediums: watercolor and inks. At this point in my career, I’m 99% digital, and that has served me very well. However, I do miss that bit of chaos that watercolors afford. You can’t completely control it, and there are frequently happy accidents. I’m hoping to break out my old set and start playing with them again in my spare time.

Anyway, here are some older pieces of mine from 2010, all done in watercolors and inks. I can’t remember if I’ve posted them to this blog before, but either way, here they are again!

October 16th, 2014

A-paw-ture Science

Corgis // Digital Painting // Studio

A-paw-ture Science. Digital, 11x17.
A-paw-ture Science. Digital, 11×17.

“Spectacular. You appear to understand how a portal affects forward momentum, or to be more precise, how it does not. Momentum, a function of mass and velocity, is conserved between portals. In layman’s terms: speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out.” – GLaDOS

After my last Portal Corgi piece’s success, I really wanted to up the ante and do a version with the the “Chellsh” Corgi in the test chamber. I started this piece two years ago, but it kept getting forgotten or pushed to the back burner for various reasons. Hope you enjoy it! I’ll have 11×17 posters available in my online store very soon!

October 1st, 2014

Everstar Hits ComicBookResources.com!

Comics // News // Press // Studio

Becky and I at my table at LBCC!
Becky and I at my table at LBCC!

First of all, hello to everyone who has found this page after visiting my booth at Long Beach Comic Con this past weekend! I heartily thank you for taking the time to visit me, and supporting my work! It’s people like you that really keep me in business and making fun art and comics! LBCC was a great show, and I look forward to exhibiting there again next year.

I’m excited to announce that Becky Tinker and I were interviewed by ComicBookResources.com about Everstar. CBR is one of the biggest comic news blogs on the internet, so Becky and I were thrilled that they showed interest in our title. If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link. And if you haven’t checked out Everstar yet, the first chapter is free on Thrillbent.com. I’d love to hear what you think!

Read the CBR interview here!

Check out other awesome interviews or reviews about Everstar from around the web:

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