Everstar: Sneak Peek Review!

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For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working with Thrillbent Comics on a new title called Everstar that debuts this Friday, August 8th! Corrina Lawson over at GeekMom got a sneak peek at the first two chapters of Everstar! She interviewed Becky (the writer) and I last week. See what she has to say about the title I’ve been drawing since May.

“What happens when a rambunctious eleven-year-old girl becomes the captain of her very own spaceship?


Everstar, a new webseries created by Rebecca Tinker, written by Tinker and drawn by Joie Brown, releases today at Thrillbent.com and through Thrillbent’s free app. Thrillbent offered me an advance look at the first two installments and, if the rest is anything like the first two, this creative team has hit the mark perfectly…”

Check out her review a sneak peek here!

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Art Imitates Art Album Cover

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I’m really excited to announce that I did the front cover for Worth Taking’s new album “Art Imitates Art” that’s available on 8/12!! Worth Taking is described as “Nerds in a pop-punk band.” Check ‘em out and pre-order here!


The piece is inspired by the album’s name “Art Imitates Art.” I ended up choosing two very well known movements from art history, and combined them as if one were imitating the other. Can you guess which two I chose?

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Wonder(ful) Con and Thrillbent Comics

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Wow, it’s been two months since Wonder Con already! I’ve definitely fallen behind on my blogging, but my life went insane the last day of the convention and has been even since. Wonder Con was absolutely wonderful. It’s the biggest convention I’ve ever worked, and the amount of friendliness and support my boothmate Ria Art and I received was astonishing!


In additional exciting news, Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi completely sold out at the show! I had to order a second printing of comics, and then promptly sold out of them again through my online store. I’ve plenty more in stock now, and am selling them both through my online store, and at Indyplanet as well– additionally, Indyplanet also has an option for a digital version for $0.99. If you’d like to buy them from a physical store, House of Secrets on 1930 W Olive Avenue in Burbank is now stocking it, too! HoS is a great comic store, if you’ve not checked it out yet. Super friendly Amy and Eric always make you feel welcome, and they have quite a selection.


That said, I can finally get to the part where I explain why my life has been so crazy since the convention. Not only did I get a lot of opportunity to travel, but I also got an offer to join Thrillbent Comics as an artist on one of their upcoming new titles! I’m extremely excited about the title I’m working on, and the Thrillbent crowd are all pretty cool people. They’ve got lots of great books already, and have a cool digital app that allows you to read your comics on the go. Check them out if you haven’t yet. The title I’m on will be releasing in late Summer of this year– keep your eyes peeled for it!


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WonderCon Anaheim 2014 — Look for me!

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Do you like comics, movies, anime and sci-fi? If you do, you should come to WonderCon Anaheim this weekend, April 18-20! I’ll be at Artist Alley table AA-243 along with my booth mate and friend, Ria Art! My brand new comic, Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi (shown above) will debut and be available for sale there!


Heavenly Kibble Guardian Corgi is about a small corgi with a big secret: she’s a superhero that is trying to save the world! The comic is a full color, 12 page book that will be available for purchase for $5. These are a special first print run, so there are only 50 of them! They are each numbered individually on the inside front cover, so you’ll know which in the series you got! And, starting April 21st, the book will be for sale in my online store.


In addition, I’ll have quite a few prints, posters, pins, and travel coffee mugs for sale! I’ll also be offering con sketches as usual– limited to 10 slots only! If you’re wanting one, make sure to find me on Friday or early Saturday before they’re all gone. And yes– I’ll do your ponysona if you want!


My boothmate and buddy Ria Art (Alexandria Gold) will have her artwork prints, cards, pins and tote bags for sale. In addition, she’ll have her adorable miniature crocheted critter magnets, earrings, and larger crocheted stufties for sale. You can buy them individually, or in sets such as Aquatic Critters, Veggie Critters, or Safari Critters! Her stuff is heart-melting; seriously make sure you check it out!

Again, we’ll be at booth AA-243 in the Artist Alley! Saturday-only passes are sold out, but Weekend, Friday, and Sunday passes are still available. For only like $15, it’s a fun thing to do with your family this Easter weekend! Hope to see you there!

WonderCon Website

Artist’s Alley Map

WonderCon Quick Guide

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Who doesn’t like, dolphins, right? As a kid, I was obsessed with Ecco the Dolphin. I played all three Genesis games in the series, the Dreamcast version, and even got into a fierce bidding war on Ebay for the original soundtrack. I once spent about five hours straight randomly punching letters into the passcode level select stage so that I could get past really difficult levels. Would you believe that over a year, I actually managed to hit enough combinations that I got every level in the game? I mean I finished the game the normal way as well… but yeah. So obviously I loved dolphins. Many a dolphin drawing and Ecco fanfic came out of my overly excited, young self. My favorite book was A Circle in the Sea by Steve Senn, which is fins-down the best dolphin fiction I’ve ever read. I even wanted to be a dolphin when I grew up– the major hang up was that I’m not a very good swimmer, so there went that dream. Whoops.


So now that I’m a “grown-up” (sorta) I thought I’d use the 23 years of practice I have on my 6 year old self to make a cool dolphin environmental painting. One day on my lunch hour I started doing thumbnails and concept sketches to decide what I wanted to do. I decided I wanted to tell my head-canon version of the Lost City of Atlantis– a city that was built by undersea creatures as a refuge from humans. The idea is that humans were never involved in Atlantis and certainly aren’t welcome there. We, the viewer, have discovered it… but a dolphin guard has discovered us, and he isn’t happy that we’re here.

I wanted to design what a dolphin sentinel that protected the city would look like. If a dolphin wore armor, how would it work? Obviously it would need to be articulated to move properly with the way that dolphins swim. It would need to function as both armor and a weapon, without encumbering the animal too much. I decided that lightweight armor would serve a dolphin best, as they would likely be a type of soldier/guard that relied on speed and agility.


The sort of armor I came up with is relatively minimalist. It protects the animals back, head, and blowhole. The front is bent upward so that the dolphin’s echolocation sounds can still go out uninhibited. It has razor edges, so that the dolphin could sail by an enemy and cause damage without having to manipulate anything. The big weapon though, is the narwhal-inspired horn in the front. It’s a magical element, so not only is it useful for stabbing, but it magically makes the armor lighter overall.


The city itself has a lot of round shapes. If you’ve read the aforementioned A Circle in the Sea, you’ll know that in Senn’s world, everything is circular to a dolphin. The sun and moon run on a circular path, the tides and currents are circular, a pod is called a “Circle”, and… well, y’know, the Circle of Life. So I wanted a lot of circles and curves in my Atlantis because that book made such a HUGE impact on my young mind.

The painting itself took six months from inception to finish. Why? Not because it actually took me that long to plan and paint. I’d say that only took maybe 15 hours or so. It’s because I did all the concept art and planning and then straight up forgot about it! Err… oops. That’s ok though, because I just finished up an Environmental Painting class over at Studio Arts taught by super cool dude Alex Ruiz, and the stuff I learned in that class really helped me bring this painting to the level I wanted it to be!

Below I’ve got some of the concept art and thumbnails, the rough drawing, and a super sweet animated GIF I made of the painting’s progress. Watch it and say, “Ooooooo, technology!” Also, painting bubbles is fun. That is all. Enjoy!





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